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To assist our clients in navigating the ambiguity of the financial markets,
we, as a global investment firm, cultivate multiple viewpoints and value innovation.

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Redefinition of
value investing

At Nueva Global Holdings, Continually adhering to our investment philosophy and following
a structured research approach is how we produce value.

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Creating opportunity, security,
& prosperity

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Asset Management

Managing Assets

To address the particular requirements of insurers and pension plans, we provide specialised, comprehensive investment solutions.

Institutional Management

Institutional Management

When you select When you choose Nueva Global Holdings to handle institutional assets, you'll see why we've built a reputation for reliable performance and similarly reliable partnerships..

WEALTH Management


Nueva Global Holdings will create a wealth management strategy specifically for you because your financial objectives are singularly your own.


Our advisors draw the connection between your financial situation and what you want out of life, then they develop a strategy to make it happen, opening up possibilities and guarding you against the unanticipated—today and every day going forward.

  • A unique strategy that integrates all facets of your financial life
  • A thoughtful combination of investments and insurance that serves your interests
  • Your go-to financial expert who aids in maintaining the focus on your long-term goals and aspirations

As an engine for progress for all and a brighter future,

In terms of earning returns and leaving a long-lasting beneficial legacy, we aim to be leaders in the alternative investing sector. Our development into one of the biggest alternative investment managers is consistent with this vision and is a testament to our shared values, an experienced management team, a focus on performance, and a high-quality investor base, which includes significant infrastructures, trading, infrastructures, sovereign wealth funds, and financial planning.


Private Equity

Private equity funds typically invest in equity capital that is not quoted...



As one of the world's largest investors in real estate, we own and operate iconic properties in the world's most dynamic markets...


foreign exchange

Nueva Global Holdings finance offers a broad array of professional services and access to the global foreign exchange ...

Relations with

Nueva Global Holdings offers sophisticated investment methods and wealth management options to globally minded investors. We provide a variety of investment methodologies, including bottom-up fundamental active management, Ethical Investment, systematic investing, and tailored implementation of client-specified portfolio exposures, through our various investment brands, Nueva Global Holdings Management. Nueva Global Holdings has always been known for its first-rate customer service, on-time innovation, and alluring returns regardless of market cycles.

The Diversity & Inclusion
Plan we have

At Nueva Global Holdings, Regardless of race, colour, religion, creed, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic, we want every person to have the chance to succeed on the basis of their abilities. Why is this such a big deal? To us, inclusive, varied teams rich with individuals from all backgrounds improve us. They assist us in coming up with better ideas, making more reasoned judgements, involving our communities, and assisting our clients in getting better results.

Inclusion Strategy


These days, it's more important than ever to have a plan. Our version of financial planning not only gives you the confidence to know you're ready for anything, but is also designed to help you reach all your goals in the days ahead.

Investment Philosophy

The unique credit-focused business of Nueva Global Holdings combines relative value trading, a thorough knowledge of fundamental credit investing, and legal and structuring experience. Nueva Global Holdings strategically invests throughout the capital structure in less efficient market segments with an emphasis on risk management in order to produce consistent, alpha-driven returns over the course of market cycles.


Our attention is on international investment strategy. Typically, we aim to create a concentrated portfolio of large investments in markets we are familiar with and in which we have amassed substantial experience.

Transparency culture

We support early news dissemination, partnering with our investors and businesses, and genuinely empowering management teams. Also, we haven't charged our portfolio companies any transaction or monitoring fees since our inception.

Dedication to improving businesses

To support the strategic and financial goals of exceptional management teams, we make long-term investments. Our extensive industry knowledge, in our opinion, enables us to contribute value and provide insights that help our organisations grow.

Competitive Analysis

The intensity of our attention on industry verticals further strengthens our investment strategy. We have established a reputation as a value-added partner with in-depth industry knowledge in a few select sectors, allowing us to approach sourcing, due diligence, and value development projects differently.

Demonstrated effectiveness

Throughout the course of our 10-year history, we have exhibited performance across many market cycles and have a defined investment philosophy and disciplined approach to investing.

Planning Services
Planning Services
Planning Services
Responsible Investing


Nueva Global Holdings in the environment variable Partners is dedicated to operating in a secure, accountable, and moral manner. Our decision-making is governed by these principles throughout the whole investment lifetime.

We participate in industries that are concerned with environmental, social, and governance (or "ESG") issues and explore concepts that are motivated by these issues from the beginning of the investment process. To detect and reduce potential ESG conflicts, our employees thoroughly investigate every company in which we invest. They collaborate closely with expert consultants. As part of our ESG due diligence process, ten important ESG factors that could affect a company's performance in the present or the future must be evaluated. Any investment that falls short of One Equity Partners' ESG requirements will be abandoned.

Once a company has been invested in, One Equity Partners reviews and keeps an eye on all of its portfolio firms to make sure they follow its ESG policy. This policy is periodically reviewed to include best practises as risks change. Using this procedure, One Equity Partners is able to immediately identify potential issues and manage them before they even happen during the investment period.

One Equity Partners works with management to make sure that ESG problems are given top priority up to and after exit, and tries to continuously enhance ESG reviews and recommendations as investments mature.


Portfolios of investments that are expertly managed

Time is a valuable resource. Most people don't have the time to spend researching assets in constantly shifting markets and managing investment transactions. With the help of Nueva Global Holdings's Asset Management Solutions programme, you can hand off the daily management of your assets and make investments with confidence knowing that your portfolio is in the hands of qualified experts.


Various objectives call for various strategies.

Nueva Global Holdings, understands that every investor is different. Because of this, we build an asset management strategy using a tailored approach, choosing investment portfolios that closely align with your objectives, level of risk tolerance, and expected returns.


In order to give you more, we try to:

  • Construct rewarding possibilities while controlling risk.
  • Reduce the expense of management and administration.
  • Provide consistent services that can be adjusted as your goals evolve.

Wealth management

A strong wealth plan guarantees that you have a financial plan that supports your goals.

After learning about your lifestyle objectives, we examine your financial situation to see if you are on course to achieve them into retirement and beyond.


Our partners are the backbone of our business, including the management teams and entrepreneurs we support, the fund investors, the advisors and intermediaries we engage with, and the banks and other lending institutions to our deals.

Very Ambitious

To provide our partners with the best returns possible, we work hard to create world-class enterprises.


We're here to succeed. We are dedicated to out-thinking and out-performing our rivals and are continually working to improve. We tackle challenges that others write off as impractical and work through challenging issues that others give up on. We employ the best because of this.


We always carry out tasks correctly and without compromising, on the first try. We are decisive, straightforward, and most importantly, accountable. We always behave in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law by using good judgement and common sense. We triumph honestly and on the basis of merit.


Our desire for knowledge drives us. We are always picking up new information from one another and globally influential minds. We fiercely explore new concepts, inventions, and tactics that will bolster our competitive advantage.


You and your family may start enjoying your riches right away thanks to our all-inclusive private wealth management strategy.
In today's low-yield market, multi-asset income solutions are designed to give clients a secure, sustained income.
With almost 21,000 megawatts of producing capacity, we are one of the biggest investors in renewable energy worldwide.
Renewable energy for a better, cleaner future

What we do

Examine whether your wealth will last until retirement and beyond.
Recognize the dangers to which you could be exposed and find ways to safeguard your family.
Recognize your current and future needs for cash flow and net value.
Investigate how your wealth changes over time in different situations.
Look into effective wealth transfer options that meet your needs.
Find possibilities to improve your investment plan.


Nueva Global Holdings provides liquidity solutions underpinned by four decades of experience as a key competence, fixed income throughout the yield curve, regional and international high-active-share equities, real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and private debt in private markets. Nueva Global Holdings offers participation in the equities and bond markets, proxy voting, and policy advocacy in addition to investment management.


Outstanding team

Nueva Global Holdings is a close-knit group that collaborates with management teams to achieve shared objectives. With an average stay at Nueva Global Holdings of more than ten years, our team of investment professionals—which numbers over 70—includes 24 partners. This enables us to invest a significant amount of time in the businesses we invest in.

Collaborative style

Together with portfolio company leadership, our goal is to provide an environment that will enable businesses to prosper. We urge management teams to invest with us, and because of our forward-thinking methodology and commitment to leaving businesses better than when we found them, employees of portfolio firms frequently decide to invest with us as well.

Interest Alignment

We think that people flourish when they are working towards a clear, unifying objective. We take pride in being open and sharing interests with the investors and portfolio firms. We think that our commitment and substantial stake in the outcome enable us to forge genuine, fruitful collaborations.
Alignment of interest

Our Purpose

For the benefit of all our stakeholders, this entails assisting our coworkers, clients, and customers as well as the environments and communities in which they operate. It entails assisting individuals and organisations in realising their potential and making confident future plans while establishing long-lasting partnerships. And it means that we remain committed to the long term, regardless of the situation, and we continue to take into account future generations when making judgements.

Our long-term strategic strategy places outstanding service at the centre of all we do in order to accomplish this. Each of our various, specialised companies has a thorough understanding of their respective industries, allowing them to comprehend the opportunities and challenges that our customers and clients confront. Regardless of the market conditions, we provide for the specific demands of our customers and clients to ensure they prosper rather than merely survive.

We really believe in prioritising our clients and customers. Our cultural traits bring out the best in our team members, their abilities, and the solid reputation we have developed with our stakeholders over time. Our strategy is supported by a blend of knowledge, service, and relationships with teamwork, integrity, and caution, which equips us with the capabilities to prosper over the long haul.

We also understand that in order to support the prosperity of British citizens and businesses, we must also contribute to resolving the social, economic, and environmental issues that now affect our company, its workers, and its clients.

Our Purpose

Assets Under Management

We continue to build on our success to develop fresh approaches, promote growth, and look after our investors.. serve


Describe long-term care. The majority of people may not think they need long-term care or may believe that Medicare or health insurance will take care of it. The likelihood that you'll require long-term care is 70% if you live to reach 65 years old.

1. Long-term care planning is necessary for everyone, regardless of age, in case a chronic sickness or disability renders them unable to live independently or take care of themselves. Nevertheless, this is not the sole reason for doing so. Daily activities including showering, eating, getting dressed, and getting in and out of bed are made easier with long-term care. Additionally, it covers care delivered in your (or a loved one's) home by qualified nurses or home health aides as well as care given by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care centres, hospice facilities, and nursing homes. There's a good chance you'll need to provide care for a loved one even if you're not the one who needs it.

2. Furthermore, having a long-term care strategy in place might enable you to maintain a high standard of living without having to give up the earnings, investments, and savings you've fought so hard to accumulate.

Our People

We put a lot of effort into finding and rewarding extraordinarily brilliant individuals who show initiative, independence, and honesty. A vital source of intellectual capital is the variety of skills and depth of knowledge on our staff.

Our Scale

We gain the expertise, resources, and critical mass necessary to seize opportunities on a global scale by investing across regions, industries, and asset classes.

Our Performance

Superior risk-adjusted returns across a wide and expanding range of asset classes and through all types of economic conditions best describe our record.

OUR latest news

Energizing Growth

Nueva Global Holdings scale generates exceptional possibilities for revenue acceleration. Entrepreneurs can expand their clientele and establish contacts across a variety of markets and industries by having access to our network of portfolio companies. The management teams of our organisations are assisted in maximising revenue and product development prospects by an internal team of data scientists. Additionally, our international reach can help our businesses expand throughout the major economies of the world.

Effortlessly Scaling

We create world-class businesses by giving businesses the tools and knowledge they require to scale effectively. Our skilled operations team assists businesses in streamlining their expenditures, procedures, and long-term strategy, and our capital markets experts provide crucial advice on everything from IPOs and debt financing to M&A.

Talent Attraction

We have outstanding access to seasoned executives across industries through the network of Nueva Global Holdings, which makes it simpler for portfolio firms to form strong boards and operational teams. Additionally, to support accelerated growth, our leadership and talent development specialists assist businesses in optimising their organisational structures.